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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I am, considering that I am now on the skiddy slope to penury (just outside Sidcup, I believe) in remarkably good fooling.

I had some excellent meetings this morning and the Sun was making a real stab at taking over the March sky. Quite a lovely day to be me and I don’t say that very often.

So, when my elderly but sprightly chum, Nick made the unlikely suggestion that I may want to head out to Willesden Green for lunch, I took it in good spirit and humoured him, waved my oyster card at someone in uniform and sat for about an hour on The Jubilee line.

To be fair, his offer of “some of the best sushi in London” was not a surprise to me as Sushi Say on Walm Rd has often been cited as one of the finest in the city and worth the, what I am guessing is at least, 150 mile trek away from London’s fashionable SOSHO.

I have never quite got my head around going there before. But, now I have nothing better to do than swap middle aged men stories about cholesterol and people who claim to be Dr’s sticking an extended digit where the sun don’t shine, I thought it may be worth the effort.

Well, yes it is. Recently refurbished, Sushi Say looks like a small neighbourhood joint but offers a whole lot more. The quality of the fish is superb. But, more than that, the quality of the cutting made the difference. A skilled sushi chef will create textures and mouth feel but the way they cut the fish and here, real skill was on show.

Even in a standard offering of set sashimi, the quality is evident. Lean tuna, sea bream, salmon and mackerel were as good as I have found in London and probably would justify the trip on their own.

If I was not convinced by that point, a selection of nigiri would have made my mind up that this was certainly a place out of the ordinary. Razor clams were meaty, sweet shrimp, while not up to those at Eddoko last week, were achingly fresh and slices of the larger “horse” mackerel stole the show.

Tempura was more average, but I am a sucker for good frying, where ever in the world it may originate, and was soon picking at the scraps of batter on the plate after we have polished off the mixed assortment of shrimp and vegetables.

With a couple of flasks of of warm sake, the bill came to about £70 including tip. Add on the tube fare and the cost of a bodyguard and that is still cheaper than the equivalent quality in central London.

On the evidence of this visit, I may have to reassess my view of the outer reaches of our fair city.
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Blogger Chris Pople said...

If you ever have chance to visit Brixton (unlikely considering the comments you've made about visiting South London...) there's an excellent sushi place there called Ichiban, on Atlantic Road. It's cheap too.

Friday, March 09, 2007 11:55:00 am  

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