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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Yes I'm dying to be a star and make them laugh
Sound just like a record on the phonograph

Whilst he was on his travels I asked HS to name his top five cities. Unsurprisingly the list was headed by a Spanish City, and it’s not Barcelona. As I said to him you can go all over the World, visit some interesting places, see some wonderful sights and meet some lovely people...but it’s still NOT SPAIN.

I was thinking about this after a short break with our father and HT (hermano tercero) in Fuengirola where in one week and without trying too hard I ate really well. Better, in fact than a lot of my meals in London during the last year. Cheaper too. This from an area usually dismissed as some sort of tourists-filled hell. Well, there were a few tourists around, thankfully not the nervous ones with bumbags seeking absolute bests in eating experiences or even more thankfully Sam Clark of Moro fame. Speaking of whom have you read the latest puff piece to push his new book:

“We have a lot of pulses such as lentils, black beans and chickpeas and we also have a wonderful grain called quinoa - which is a sort of 1970s hippy vegetable.”

Patronising div – and that’s without the stupid cap.

Anyway, I diverge. The majority of the local population are Spanish so if you like the way the Spanish eat (I do) then there’s plenty of good options. And no, none of these were in a white-washed house whose owner beckoned to us as we happened to be passing, fed us royally then refused payment.

So if you’re in the good ingredients cooked simply camp (I am) then there’s plenty to please here. The fish I had is called Jurel (aka Horse Mackerel aka Scad). It was slashed and grilled. It was great. There was also Morcilla de Ronda which differs to the varieties from Leon and Burgos by having cloves and cumin in the mix. There was Jamon (of course there was Jamon), sweet fleshed Chuletillas de Cordero and one of my favourites: thin slices of Berenjenas quickly fried until crisp drizzled with honey. And not forgetting (how could I ever forget) chips cooked in Olive Oil.

A side-trip to Malaga - even though I’d developed a nasty chill on my chest - brought forth little deep-fried Salmonetes, the Cadiz speciality of Tortillitas de Camarones and another favourite: Navajas a la Plancha doused with plenty oil and garlic.

I tell you what, as an extra special treat and to give a flavour of Andalucia I’ll give you a recipe for one of the dishes we had. It’s called Grilled Fish and we got it from a lovely old peasant woman who beckoned to us as we passing her white-wa (Stop It. Stop It Now).

Grilled Fish by HP (Serves 1)

1 Fish

Clean the fish
Grill it
Serve with a garnish of Salad and Chips

Sprinkle some ground spicy stuff on it and you can call it Moroccan Grilled Fish

That’s it. Simple isn’t it ? I might write a book.

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Blogger Tana Butler said...

Dear Hermano 1:

Please come with Hermano 2 to Thanksgiving next year, in Santa Cruz. We should ALL be so glad to make your acquaintance, and we promise not to feed you any horrid American cheese.

Cheers from one of your brother's biggest fans. No, make that a devotée. I hope to meet all the Majumdars eventually. I'm sure that holds true for Logan, as well.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007 6:59:00 am  

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