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Saturday, September 23, 2006

An odd thing is happening.

I am beginning to talk in Yiddish.

I work both in the UK and US with a lot of Jewish people who litter their speech with words from this most expressive of languages

I think this became apparent the other day when I announced to a gathering of publishing colleagues that a suggestion for a new book was “Mishigas” Oh dear.

I mention this today as, at Midday, NYC became significantly more empty as many people left for Rosh Hashana and our office closed leaving me at a loose end for a solo lunch. There seem to be a great many Jewish holidays and I am not entirely convinced that my colleagues do not make some of them up to get extra days off work. For example, as far as I can tell, there is NO holiday to celebrate God’s appearance to Ezekiel as a golden knish whatever the guys in the office claim.

Anyway, on my jack jones, I had a few options but was in the mood for croquettes and headed towards Bocqueria, a new place on 19th St. It looked promising enough until I sat down and the waitress announced that they only did salads and sandwiches at lunchtime. Ah, just like a real Spanish tapas bar then? Er………

So, I made my excuses and decided to wander over to 10th and Tia Pol. Still about as far from a proper Spanish bar as it is possible to get but with, at least decent food and a great wine list.

However, as I strolled across to 10th, I came across Cookshop which a friend had suggested earlier in the week and which was run by the people at Five Points.

It turned out to be one of those lunch type places that NYC does better than anywhere. Nothing special, but steady, solid and competent.

A pre lunch drink of Manzanilla was not chilled sufficiently, but still good to have it on the menu.

A starter of Treviso salad was Caesar by any other name but none the worse for that.

A main course burger , though, was exemplary. I am not close to being an expert on the beef burger, but this was certainly better than anything I have had in the UK and as good as anything I have tried in the US. Good flavour to the beef ( cooked rare as ordered ) excellent bacon, cheese which was no worse than any other cheese you get in America and delicious fries although with enough salt to induce my first heart palpitation since I saw Natalie Portman pole dancing in Closer.

With a glass of Rioja ( as ever horribly mispronounced ) the bill was a not insubstantial $50 which reflects the ordering of booze more than the cost of the meal.

A nice way to spend a lunchtime.
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